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Urban Orders Research Network

Urban Orders (URO) is a transdisciplinary research network based at Aarhus University, Denmark, which focuses on the relationship between the appropriation of urban spaces and new forms of urban citizenship. Taking ‘urban order’ to signify a dynamic regularity in the relationship between social life in the city and its physical environment, which has emerged without overall coordination, control or use of force, the aim of URO is to develop new transdisciplinary methods for harnessing the potentials of existing urban orders as a basis for creating viable and democratic global cities.

The core activities of URO center around four ‘URO Laboratories’ (UROLabs) to occur from 2015-17 in four collaborator cities: Aarhus, Berlin, Johannesburg and New Orleans. Organised by local steering groups, each UROLab will explore empirical cases of urban orderings. Based on insights from these four case-studies, our aim is to harness the potentials of the different ’urban orders’ for developing a new transdisciplinary approach to global urban development focusing on civic participation and flexible physical planning.

In parallel with the ongoing research activities, URO researchers are involved in developing a new MA programme in Urban Studies at Aarhus University, which, if accepted, is planned to be launched in 2016.